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About the Fixall Fasteners

Well done of 15 years experience Fixall Fasteners

  • About Company

    Fixall Fasteners operates in the Fastening industry globally, designing, developing and precised manufacturing wide and professional range of fasteners. We serve a wide range of customers within both construction and manufacturing. Besides offering a solid and professional product range, much of our work involves project development of specialty products and new ways of solving existing problems. We strive at offering the best service available and aim to be the preferred and most innovative partner when it comes to fastening solutions.

    As new and more modern technologies are discovered, these constantly open up for the opportunity of further product development at all levels in the Fastening Business.

    High quality from raw materials over tool design and production processes to final shipment, is what you should expect of RED HORSE. All our manufacturing in an unbroken chain is under constant quality supervision. Therefore all our products have a high and consistent Fasteners quality.

    Our manufacturing capabilities includes among others cold forming of fasteners in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Niche areas among others lies within BI-METAL manufacturing and POWDER PAINTING of fasteners.
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Dry wall Screws

Drywall screws provide a stronger hold, but cost a bit more than nails. These usually feature a Phillips head.

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Chipboard screws

Chipboard screws, also named particleboard screws, are self-tapping screws with thin shafts and coarse threads.

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Self Drilling Screws

Self-drilling screws are sometimes known by the brand name FIXALL. These screws can be identified by the drill

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