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Wall putty

True Colour Technology “. This innovative & technically superior process enables the true reflection of the colours of selected paint shade & enables the wall paint to dazzle in its original “ Just as you selected “ Shade.


Key Features

  • True colour technology
  • Truest White wallPuty
  • Greater Resistance To Water
  • Perfect Bonding With The Substance
  • Ultra Smooth Finish
  • Quick, Easy Application

Key Benefits

True Colour Technology

Birla Aerocon Wallputty is manufactured using the innovative True Colour Technology that allows colours not only to come vividly alive on the walls but also flawlessly reflect the shade you select.

Ultra Smooth Finish

Birla Aerocon Wallputty renders the wall surface absolutely level and super smooth by covering up irregularities and filling up small cracks.

All Round Economy

As it provides a pure white base , unmatched smoothness and lesser absorbancy. it reduces paint consumption remove by upto 30% and cuts down frequency of re-painting.

Greater Protection

Birla Aerocon Wallputty offers excellent protection to the paint from moisture, dampness, flaking and from peeling off ,thanks to its superior bonding and water resistant properties.

Quick and Easy Applications

Birla Aerocon Wallputty has unique properties which help save money as well as time. It eliminates the need for a paint primer, leading to lower costs.

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